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Aqua Worx is an aquarium goods brand that focuses on essentials for freshwater and planted aquariums. These practical essentials are designed with the everyday aquarist in mind.

Orion Nano

A simple solution for illuminating the planted aquarium. The unit is lightweight, slim and height adjustable. Customizable performance includes multiple dimming levels while providing the optimal spectrum for aquarium plant growth and color enhancement. Orion Nano is efficient, effective and easy to install.


Model Power (WATTS) Dimming Color Temperature Dimensions (INCHES)
Black 16 4-Stage 5600K L9.5 x W5.5 x H8.3
Silver 16 4-Stage 5600K L9.5 x W5.5 x H8.3

Ideal for aquariums 2 – 8 gallons

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